About us

As an independent specialist supplier of oleo-chemical products, including castor oil derivatives and naphthenates / naphthenic acids, OLEO-CHEMIE has developed, together with its partners, product diversifications and services for national and international users for more than thirty years.

“An organisation’s ability to learn and translate that learned knowledge into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

– John F. “Jack” Welch Jr.
American manager, author and chemical engineer

This philosophy forms the core of our success story and is the driving force behind the constant solution-oriented communication between all partners, which is geared towards rapidly establishing joint further developments.

OLEO-CHEMIE has several sites in Germany and in the Benelux countries.

Strategic partnership for long-term success

In dialogue with our customers, we identify shared potentials and make them strategically usable. Our decades of experience with partners around the globe have shown us that adaptability makes the difference in a business that is constantly changing. Anticipating important developments at the strategic and operative level means being in the right place, at the right time, with the right quality, in the right quantity.

As a full-service partner, we help you line up each of these key factors so they mesh perfectly.

Top quality for every application

Our portfolio is based on careful monitoring of the source markets, continuous investment in production facilities, training of all staff, efficient commercial processes, and ongoing improvement of production processes. These provide for top functionality with defined reactivity, at the highest international quality level.

With comprehensive certifications and ongoing improvement processes, we rigorously implement sustainability and make your company ready for the future.

Individual logistics concepts with international value-added services

Within overarching location structures, storage conditions and capacities, and transparent work processes, we work with you to define a logistics concept for international, national and regional transportation. This concept needs to function efficiently and effectively, and ensure stability and plannability not just during daily routine operation, but also during unusual market conditions.

For this, we bring experts in sea and air freight together with our partners for rail and road, so that language, cultural and economic differences are smoothed out for shared project success.

Are you interested in improving your product, or developing a new one? We’ll find the right solution for you.

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